artroutessa logoArt Routes SA is an audio podcast that centrally looks at the intersection between the City of San Antonio and it's working artist.  The interviews seek to illuminate the transitory nature of San Antonio’s art community.  The conversational forum allows the artists to reveal early inspirations that have evolved into their current projects and futures works.  The discussions also speak to the draw the city has on themselves and other artists from across the country by exploring the springboard and bounce back effect that happens often with San Antonio’s homegrown artist as they develop, hone and mature there practices.  Art Routes SA looks to be an accessible storehouse for the ever expanding and evolving nature of the arts community in and around San Antonio.  Historically the City of San Antonio has always given it's arts and culture a front seat to the cities' identity.  The cities' identity is continually informed and drawn out by the opposing forces of commerce and culture.  Art Routes SA chooses to revere the art of the possible and understands that the people of San Antonio; it's artists and culture bearers will always keep San Antonio close to i heart and help in the fight for the sustainability of cultural equity and artistc production.  Art Routes SA hopes to add an addtional anvenue of insight to those endeavors

A3 logo stamp 1Art Routes SA would not be possible without the generous support of A3-Agents of Change, the official recording home of Art Routes SA.  A3's commitment to fostering the creation of cultural capital has been an inspiration for this project to be documents of the artists stories that thrive in SA.  These podcasts will be part of A3's permanent archive housed at the UTSA Library Special Collections, serving as a repository for information, articles, photographs and documentation of A3's mission and how A3 makes it happen, while interacting with the San Antonio community.

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Luis M. Garza is the Database and Digital Media Specialist for NALAC.  He is an artist and owner of LMG Photography & Art. Between 2006-2015 Luis worked with Jowdy Photography, contracting with associations, conventions and corporate events throughout the U.S. and abroad. Through these ventures, Luis' experiences have encompassed many facets of the commercial photography business. His freelance work ranges from fine art landscape photography, documentary video and photography, digital imaging and large format archival digital printing. His core competencies include computer networking and administration to database and digital content management as well as graphic design, web design and onsite print output. Luis is an alumnus of the NALAC Leadership and Advocacy Institutes. He continues to produce and exhibit work in San Antonio, where his photographs recently formed part of the University of Texas San Antonio art collection.