PLAY Episode 5

Photo by Mari HernandezPhoto by Mari HernandezAn artist based in San Antonio, Texas, Mari Hernandez is a graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio and one of four founding members of the Chicana artist collective Más Rudas.

Working mostly in the medium of photography, specifically self-portraiture, Mari's process entails visually articulating her experience as a woman of Mexican-American descent, often times via a Chicana Feminist lens. She presents an image of the self as effected by shifts in identity due to change. Ideas, conflicts and experiences manifest into characters she is able to embody and stories she is able to tell through self-portrait photography. In creating work Mari assume multiple roles of photographer, subject, stylist, and set-builder. Through the use of costume, masks, facial prosthetics, and wigs she alters her appearance and assumes different positions in order to understand and project a concept. This practice is rooted in representation and the normalization of women of color in the contemporary art world. Referencing history and culture her work acts as a marker of location and time.

Mari is a recent recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant.