PLAY Episode 3

LMG 20160609 Martinez BihlHaus 0034photo by Luis M. Garza

Mark Anthony Martinez is an Offwhite [tenuously latino, non-white, non-Black and non-affiliated indigenous], cisgender, hetero-performing, male. Through an interdisciplinary practice his work investigates how whiteness and light-skin are often removed from "polite" social conversations of racial identity and racism.

Martinez' work, explores representation and power through image and symbol, to expose whiteness as interconnected within a system of domination and privilege.

The aim of his practice seeks to illustrate an anti-racist aesthetic dedicated toward elucidating whiteness as a hegemonic power structure, within the confines of the whitewall gallery.

Born in San Antonio, Texas; Mark Anthony Martinez has lived, worked and exhibited in Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois. Mark received his BFA in Intermedia at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (2011) and MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University (2014). He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where he is Visual Arts Director at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.