PLAY Episode 2

LMG 20151213 ArtistLabInstall 0002photo by Luis M. GarzaLuis Valderas' images explore possibilities of decolonization by isolating and rearranging iconic components of realities. Growing up on la fontera and listening to his mother and father’s stories of experiences in el norte revealed spaces of shared experiences. By retelling his family’s story while at the same time representing them as collective cultural icons intermingled with current events he connects the collective experience of past and present generations to collapse borders, examine transition/transformation and explore social and cultural ambiguities that exist in that shared space in between.

It is his belief that the Chican@ identity past—present—future is in constant evolution. The intermingling of cultures in a more tolerant society is the future of the Chican@ family. Adaptation and transformation require a foot in the past and present, a familiarity with transitions between borders, and a flexibility that is conducive to a re-imagination of realities. In order for the Chicano@ identity to step into the future, the shared experiences that are the glue in our culture must be transmitted to all. It is the time in this new millennium to jettison outdated oppressed/oppressor roles allowing for a more equitable representation and treatment of all. A new Chican@ will lead the way and it will be through art and science that la raza cósmica will walk the steps into the future that awaits us.